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Immune System

Frankincense Oil for Viruses and Immune System

Immune System – Lifestyle Changes

Boost your immune system through food, nutrients and electronically to kick-start the healing process. Zap to kill pathogens and remove toxins. Clean your kidneys and assist your liver so that toxins and pathogens can be removed efficiently. You will have boosted your immune system and give yourself a better chance to heal. Start the healing process in three simple ways.

Boosting your immune system is really about three basic things.

  1. Diet:  Boost your immune system by eating foods that help your body do it’s job. Additionally, eat a healthy organic diet that contains lots of nutrients in particular minerals like magnesium. Avoid sugar and processed carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water. (Distilled, Reverse Osmosis or Evian.) Don’t drink chlorinated water. Use Himalayan Pink salt for the extra minerals.
  2. Toxins: Avoid chemicals and metals on or in your body and stop adding new ones through body products, shampoo, toothpaste with fluoride and cleaning materials. (This will give your liver and kidneys less work to do and help them keep up.)
  3. Pathogens: Kill the pathogens that are making you sick: parasites, bacteria, viruses and moulds. (Pathogens can cause pain and imbalances. They can give you uncomfortable symptoms and eat the iron in your body causing anaemia.

Boost your Immune System with Food

It is possible to boost your immune system with food if the food contains the right minerals to feed your white blood cells. According to Hulda Clark’s book (mentioned below) this will only work if your white blood cells have enough nutrients to do their job. These are what they need to do their work. They contain: germanium, organic vitamin C and selenium.

1 teaspoon of organic raisins
1 teaspoon of organic no added sugar peanut butter
Brazil nut (1) organic

1 of each in the above list taken 3 x a day should keep your immune system working along with zapping to remove ALL toxins.

Watch this video to learn more and discover the root cause of auto immune diseases. Retinol and Vitamin A are also needed, So organic free range eggs, double cream, cod liver oil are all rich in Retinol. Cod liver oil also has vitamin A. (Avoid soy capsules).  Add to the above a square of very dark chocolate (preferably sugar free) for the magnesium and copper that it contains (to help your cells release the toxins) and you should have a recipe to feed your white blood cells and help them do their job. Try making chocolate raisins so that you can combine these two things. Freeze the organic raisins then drop into melted dark chocolate to coat. Do this in small batches and store in the fridge. Alternatively use unsweetened organic cocoa powder. Warm it through in a saucepan with a little organic coconut oil and chlorine free water. Add a little erythritol and bottle it. Place it in the fridge and it should thicken. Take a teaspoon of this mixture with the raisins, peanut butter and Brazil nut.

Chocolate Brownies

Another option is to make organic brownies using the organic Brazil nuts (loosely chopped), organic peanut butter, organic cocoa powder, organic butter, Erythritol and organic ground almonds. These could be made as an additional treat. Just use your favourite brownies recipe. Replace the flour with ground almonds. Use organic coca powder. Replace the sugar with Erythritol. Use organic butter from grass fed cows. Add peanut butter and chopped Brazil nuts at the end. You will probably need a little less butter than the recipe suggests due to the oil in the almonds and the peanut butter. Experiment until you have the perfect recipe.

Boost your Immune System Naturally

Note that the “cabbage family” is especially effective at inducing rhodanese which helps lower high ferritin levels. It is a common detoxifying enzyme. So how about sauerkraut as it also provides the helpful bacteria needed or add grated cabbage to salads. Rhodizonate is also formed in the body after taking 1/2 tsp inositol in 1/2 glass of water. (See the Syncrometer manual by Hulda Clark for more details.) With enough Vitamin D3 in your body (sunlight), along with inositol, (tastes slightly sweet) hardened calcium deposits in the body can be addressed.

Boost your Immune System with a Zapper

First, learn how a Hulda Clark zapper works and what it does.

Using a Hulda Clark zapper for eight hours a day for about a month can help with removing toxins and killing pathogens. There are several different manufacturers, just choose one that you can afford that runs at 30Khz and uses 9 volts. (The ones with sticky pads will be easier for this job.) Before buying, find a source for replacement sticky pads. They become less effective when they lose the ability to contact well. The zapper can empower your white blood cells to clean up your body.  The voltage of the battery in the zapper must not fall below 9 volts. (Use a volt meter or battery tester every 2 hours of zapping to test that the battery hasn’t dropped below 9 volts.) Buy several rechargeable batteries so that you can switch batteries often. Additionally, don’t cross your legs or arms whilst zapping and don’t wear metal jewellery of any kind against your skin. (Includes earrings and wedding rings.) If you are dealing with some difficult health issues, initially, zap every third day so as not to overload your body.

If you have pain or a health issue in a specific part of your body, place the sticky pads either side of the area, now and again. It will zap between the two points. (Helpful for specific health issues.) You can put the sticky pads on your ankles, wrists, back of hands, either side of your rib cage, top and bottom spine. Choose two locations a day 4 hours each location. One of the locations should be close to where you have the issue in your body.

Detox Symptoms

The essential oil, Myrrh, can be helpful whilst zapping. Use 6 to 10 drops in a single dose, several times a day to help alleviate detox symptoms. Digestive enzymes too taken immediately after zapping, can deter fungus from taking over. (See Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer manual for more details.)

Take a break for 24 hours if you have a Herxheimer reaction (detox symptoms) to let your immune system remove what has been killed. These side effects will lessen as you have less to kill. Remember to drink lots of water and take extra vitamin C. Ozonated water may help by delivering extra oxygen to your body. (Remember to take vitamin E several hours after drinking ozonated water.)  Frankincense oil could help kill viruses that have escaped from parasites that you have killed. Colloidal silver is also a useful adjunct to zapping as it has an anti-bacterial effect on the body.

Support your liver with its detox job by taking N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine or Glutathione. (See Liver below for extra options.) If you have a frequency generator, scan 0-100 to find moulds. Kill any found. When we kill parasites, parasite eggs or stages along with bacteria escapes. Next viruses escape from the bacteria. Moulds then take over.  All of this killing can give you flu like symptoms and make you feel drained. However, view detox symptoms as a good sign. What you are doing is working. Your immune system and kidneys will now need to take over to remove these unwanted items from your body. Make sure that you zap at least every three days to stave off eggs from hatching.

Ozone Generator

If you experience nausea from detoxing, try drinking a glass of ozonated water to help remove toxins. If you are buying an ozone generator make sure it is being posted from the country you are living in to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. Ozonated water is said to help kill off viruses. Download Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer manual here and look up Experiment 75. Ensure that you take vitamin E several hours after drinking ozonated water as it can deplete vitamin E stores in your body. Frankincense oil too is very helpful for viruses; look it up in the Syncrometer Manual (experiment 91). It works well for clearing the sinuses when you have a cold.

Killing pathogens is likely to cause your body to become acidic. If you end up with heartburn, take 1/4 to half tsp of bicarbonate of soda before bed to neutralize excess acid. Magnesium at bedtime is also likely to be helpful. Additionally, take pro biotics regularly. Sauerkraut juice, live yogurt or  a probiotic supplement.

Boost your Immune System through Good Kidney Function

When you try to remove toxins and kill pathogens, they need to find their way out of your body through the bladder and kidneys. So, you can help boost your immune system through good kidney function. You will need unblocked kidneys otherwise your white blood cells will do the work and your kidneys will not remove the debris, allowing everything to go back into your system again and continue to cause more damage.

If your ankles are swollen, you have high blood pressure or your blood tests show that your kidneys are not functioning very well, it is worth trying the kidney health recipe whilst you zap. It can be found in ‘The Cure for All Diseases’ eBook. If your kidney problems are minor or you are not aware of any issues with your kidneys, try taking the kidney unblocking recipe first to ensure success. (It is a one off recipe that includes some of the minerals and vitamins found in food.) You don’t need to take this regularly, only if you notice your blood pressure rising.

Unblock Kidneys

This recipe is useful if you need to reduce blood pressure in a hurry. However, a more permanent solution is to take use the 6 week kidney recipe.  It will clean up your kidneys to allow efficient toxin removal. It can also reduce the swelling in your lower limbs.

Before Meal
1 magnesium oxide capsule

With Meal
1 of each of the following: Vitamin C, B2, B6, B5, folic acid capsule, 2 ginger capsules (ground ginger) and 2 Uva Ursi capsules (these are to assist the kidneys)

Boost your Immune System by Helping your Liver

Zapping should help remove pathogens from your liver.  Now and again place the sticky pad electrodes either side of your liver to give the killing of pathogens in your liver a boost. Additionally, support your liver with extra glutathione, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, milk thistle or silymarin. One of them should be sufficient. If you suffer with a lot of headaches, you may need to take a magnesium capsule and alpha lipoic acid as well as zapping. Be balanced. Don’t overdo anything. There are suggestions for helping your liver in the above eBook. To relieve poor health symptoms see Better Health – Relieve Symptoms.

Boost your Immune System with Magnets

Experiment 97 in Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer Manual suggest that small magnets 5-10 gauss can restore immunity. She suggests a possible reason why tumours tend to form at previous injury/scar sites. Very interesting. Look it up in the manual. This experiment suggest that taping small magnets to your skin can help restore immunity. However, don’t try this without reading her precise instructions. Better still, if there is pain at the area that needs healing a MiraMate might help you.

Boost your Immune System and Assist Memory

When we feel well, rested and have energy our memory is more likely to work more efficiently. To give your brain a boost, many have found that 2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day or taking MCT oil helps. Why not add it to your morning porridge. It will make it extra smooth and creamy. You will love the flavour too. Add it to a soup or a main meal that contains gravy. Use it to cook with or use it when you make cook rice. When you take Alpha Lipoic Acid too, you could soon discover that your poor memory starts to improve.

Boost your Immune System through Research

The above information has been taken from ‘The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers’ by Dr. Hulda Clark and others of her books. Why not research and find other successful ways to boost your immune system. These methods are from my own personal research and are the ones that I have found work for me and my family.


There are no cures claimed here. We are not doctors. See your doctor for a diagnosis of your health issues.  This website is about attempting to take control of your own health. We are not selling anything. We are just sharing knowledge and experience.

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