Fix Bad Health Plan Steps 4-7 – Improve Poor Health

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To improve poor health, detox, cleanse, de-stress, kill pathogens, go organic, exercise and sleep well. The more you do the healthier you are likely to feel. To get well you will need a healthy diet, quality sleep, exercise and a calm mind. Start by cleansing your colon and healing your gut. Kill pathogens. Keep the exit pathways clear so that your liver can release extra fat and toxins into the colon..  To fix bad health you will need to cover all the bases.

STEP 4  Improve Poor Health – Extra nutrients

Your fix bad health plan should include extra nutrients in supplement form. To improve poor health you will need to eat organic, nutrient dense food and freshly made juices (preferably vegetables). Why are green vegetables good for you? Read the article. Additionally, Vitamin C with rose hips and Omega 3’s may be needed more than once a day (if you have joint problems.)  Avoid the bad stuff including processed food and sugar. Add on a full range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pro-biotics. A healthy green juice will help improve your nutrient levels (UK Source). Next, target the specific health issue with supplements known to fix bad health problems that are specific to you. Why quit sugar?  If you would like a 10% discount off your first order when you sign up for a reliable UK source of safe supplements, CLICK HERE.

STEP 5   Improve Poor Health –  Sleep, Exercise, A calm mind

Step 5 in your fix bad health plan is about sleep, exercise and a calm mind. To improve poor health, avoid stress or find ways to keep calm when stressed. Try to repair mental health issues. A calm unstressed state of mind, means accepting yourself for who you are, trying to improve what you don’t like about yourself and learning to forgive others so that you can move on with your life. Easier said than done, I know. However, when your physical health improves, mental challenges become easier to cope with symptoms. A fix bad health plan can ease you back into a calm, positive mood.

STEP 6   Improve Poor Health – Kill pathogens

Step 6 in your fix bad health plan is to kill pathogens. This is an important step to improve poor health. There are several ways to kill pathogens apart from the help your doctor can give. A fix bad health plan aims to strengthen your immunity and aid your immune system. Whilst we are often aware of a virus(it can send us to bed), bacteria, parasites and mould can zap our strength and eat our nutrients without our knowledge. So, what kills pathogens? Certain foods, herbs and electronic gadgets called frequency generators can do an amazing job. Check out page 69  (experiment 91) of this eBook. Hulda Clark (research scientist) discovered that Frankincense oil  has an interesting effect on viruses. A Hulda Clark zapper can help  your immune system, whilst you are using it.

STEP 7 Fix Bad Health – Fix bad gut

Fix your gut health. Digestive aids can help. Organic raw foods and juices as well as foods like sauerkraut or Kefir could also help. Take enzymes too and kill bad bacteria. To feel better you will need to detox, cleanse, de-stress, kill pathogens, go organic, exercise and sleep well. To improve poor health, cover all the bases.

Steps Necessary to Heal Yourself


  • Avoid Toxins in body and household products. Stop wearing metal jewellery. Gold and nickel can give your body a lot of problems.
  • Help your liver remove toxins (Glutathione and/orAlpha Lipoic Acid)
  • Take hot showers daily or a bath containing Epsom salts (to detox through the skin} Infrared saunas if you can afford it.
  • Avoid drinking tap water. Buy a water distiller or drink reverse osmosis water.
  • Take extra Vitamin C & D3
  • Eat Organic Vegetables (Research why)
  • Ban sugar from your diet (lowers your immunity) (Check out the safer alternatives)
  • Avoid carbohydrates (turns to sugar)
  • Drink an organic green juice at least once a day (broccoli/celery/carrot/ginger/beet/lime)
  • NT Factor claims to repair your mitochondria and get your energy back.
  • Make Essiac (Caisse formula) (first thing in the morning and last thing at night to attempt to detox your lumps and bumps)
  • Boost your nutrients. Call this company for a program tailored to you  (Dr Rath supplements) Your body will need a lot of extra nutrients to heal.
  • Take digestive aids to heal your gut and help you to absorb the nutrients in your food.
  • Kill pathogens with a frequency generator or at least use a Hulda Clark zapper used for an hour and fifteen minutes daily.
  • Help your immune system and blood with a Vielight 655 or use a Spooky2 Frequency Generator with the nose light attached.
  • Walk more to move toxins out of the lymph glands and get more oxygen
  • Repair emotional damage (extra B complex may help). For your own sake learn to forgive.
  • Think positive. Be known for your optimism.

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