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Better Health Starts Here

If you would like to relieve symptoms while you deal with the causes, read on. The more sick we are, the more steps are needed. Better health starts here. Remember to exercise too as it will help your body absorb more oxygen and remove toxins. Learn how to support your body’s natural ability to heal. Better health takes time, so don’t expect miracles instantly. To fix bad health avoid what is bad for you, detox, boost nutrients and kill pathogens.

Learn what you CAN do to make a difference to your health. You don’t have to remain a passive bystander and hope that doctors will do this for you. There is much we can do for ourselves. By taking action we also become more positive. If we  have more energy and less pain, we know that we are making a difference. Learn how to start making a difference to your health.

Avoid Chemicals and Pesticides

in your home, or on your body such as (chemical based shampoos and soaps) or in pesticides in your food. (Avoid plastics. Don’t store leftover food in plastic. Glass jars or containers are preferable to  store food. When you begin to avoid man-made chemicals they start to leave your body. Metal in your mouth can cause immune issues. If you can afford to, go to a mercury free dentist and have them replaced with bio compatible tooth fillings.

Eat Home Cooked Organic Food

Raw organic vegetables are great too. For better health, eat colourful vegetables, lemons, limes and berries (If you have a serious condition you will need to avoid fruits that are high in sugar.) Drink green tea. It has immune benefits.  Include more fresh herbs in your cooking. Here are some meal ideas.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar feeds cancer cells and fungus such as Candida. To relieve the symptoms, sugar avoidance can help more than you may realise. Check out the sugar alternatives. Avoid processed carbohydrates and processed foods especially those with additives. Processed foods such as packaged cereals tend to contain chemicals (sometimes in the packaging) that your body can’t handle when you are sick.

Those who have a serious illness will likely need to avoid carbs like rice, pasta and potatoes. Have a home made green juice if you are hungry. (organic broccoli or kale, celery, carrots, ginger, lime juice). Low calorie vegetables still contain carbohydrates. Eating more green foods can do a lot to fix bad health. They are packed with nutrients.

Start to Detox

Help your liver detoxify harmful elements like heavy metals and plastics by taking glutathione or alpha lipoic acid for the metals, take B2 and magnesium before meals to detoxify benzene also found in petroleum and its products such as petroleum jelly. Chlorine is sometimes used to sterilise items in food production. Chlorine can contain benzene. Drinking green home made organic juices can help you detox and promote better health .

Drink Clean Water

When you drink distilled water, reverse osmosis water or Evian you can help wash the inside of your body. (Buying a water distiller  (video) is the cheapest way overall to have a healthy source of water. Buy the one with the glass jug.) Remember though that if you drink distilled water you must take extra minerals. One way of doing this is by eating healthy organic seeds and nuts such as almonds, freshly cracked Brazil nuts (for the selenium) and walnuts. Use Himalayan pink salt for the extra minerals it contains.

Take Supplements

Give your body a nutrient boost. You will need, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Take a pro-biotic or sauerkraut juice to regenerate the good bacteria in your gut. A new single strain probiotic: L. fermentum  enhances glutathione to help you detox. It is called: Regactive ME3. Vitamin C is essential. Learn more about why Vitamin C is good for you. Take enzymes  to help your body remove excess fibrin, digest and absorb the nutrients in your food. Turmeric and nascent iodine can help detox radiation. N-acetyl cysteine can help protect your liver. If you would like a 10% discount off your first order when you sign up for a reliable UK source of safe supplements, CLICK HERE.

Kill Pathogens

Scan your body with a frequency generator, kill the exact frequencies of pathogens that are in your body. Alternatively, use a Hulda Clark zapper for bacteria (remember your pro-biotics after zapping), If you decide to use the herbal parasite cleanse remember the weekly maintenance doses. Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer manual mentions that Frankincense oil or ozonated olive oil have a debilitating effect on  viruses. Better still, use all the previous methods. If parasites are no longer eating your nutrients better health and more energy should ensue.

Better Health – Extra Help

So with the harmful things removed from your body, an abundance of helpful nutrients added and pathogens killed, your immune system should eventually start to take over. You will have made a start to fix bad health and relieve the symptoms. Sometimes if there is a lot of work to do this can take several years. However, the sooner you start, the sooner you will experience better health. Don’t underestimate the benefits of sunlight and exercise too. Drink lots of pure water too. If you have cancer, research your specific cancer at

After repairing their lifestyle and diet, many have found the following helpful in caring for the other issues. There is so much in nature that can help us to heal so why not learn from those who use plants to gain better health and the health of their patients.  If you are very sick, you might want to avoid dairy and coffee until you are well. Research why. Tackle your allergies too for better health and less inflammation. Here is a useful resource for researching food related items:


Caisse formula (E mail this website for instructions of how to make it) Frequency Generator (the most affordable one is Spooky2) and/or Hulda Clark 30 KHZ Zapper (ebay) (Replacement sticky pads can be bought on Amazon.) Zappers boost your immune system while you are on them. See “The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers by Hulda Clark” for further details. For supplements to target specific serious health issues Rath Supplements. Contact the Rath team for specific help.

Help Repair Cells and Increase Energy

NT factor. See how light  therapy can create ATP and increase energy if you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue or ME. Oxygen therapies may help such as a (hyperbaric oxygen chamber) or an oxygen concentrator.


(BREAKFAST) Free range organic eggs, spinach, organic tomatoes or organic porridge.  How about a high protein chocolate lime milk shake! (cottage cheese, organic milk, cocoa powder, ground nuts and seeds, juice of half a lime and erythritol) It’s deleicious and filling and you won’t taste the cottage cheese.  

(LUNCH) Green Organic Juice:  whole head of broccoli, 2 sticks of celery, 2 carrots, 1/2 raw beet, a small piece of ginger. After juicing, add a tsp turmeric, squeeze in the juice of half a lime or lemon and drink immediately) For dinner a home cooked meal with 2/3rds organic vegetables.

(DINNER). Use fresh herbs and spices for flavour. Your local health store may sell organically grown herbs and spices. Avoid anything pre-processed if possible. Avoid carbohydrates. You need to be able to absorb the nutrients in your food. Enzymes can help. Learn more about allergies and inflammation    Serrapeptase may also help.

  1. Target the root of inflammation with modified citrus pectin  PectaSol-C 
  2. Strengthen bones –  Bone & Muscle Complex (learn about re-balancing minerals), Omega 3
  3. Attack Parasites with herbs, Hulda Clark. Check the eBook for the recipe.
  4. Viruses Frankincense oil or ozonated olive oil
  5. Kill Clostridium bacteria (search this eBook after purchase for how to do it)

Better Health – Coping With Symptoms

You have two main options. See your doctor for a possible diagnosis (remember that it might take several visits and drug trials to work out what is going on). Alternatively, you might like to see first if it is possible to relieve your symptoms without drugs.  If your doctor can’t help you gain better health or doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, detox, kill pathogens, boost your nutrient intake, improve liver health and repair your gut with probiotics. A clean and healthy body is always a good starting point when coping with symptoms. Examine the possible solutions to some of your symptoms below. Having something that you can do without leaving the house is helpful when you feel rough.

Pain relief

(Hulda Clark zapper (either side of the painful area (don’t use it on your head and don’t use if you have a pacemaker) or frequency generator to kill bacteria that cause pain) Ensure that you are not harbouring bacteria in your mouth. Rinse with salt water every night and see your dentist regularly. Some bacteria produce a bi product that causes pain. For the cheapest option for joint pain and arthritis: High strength Cod Liver Oil and high strength Vitamin C with rose hips taken twice a day with food may ease painful joints and increase mobility. Learn about collagen too. Download this ebook and look at page 82 for the cause of rheumatoid arthritis. Where to buy the suggested parasite cleanse (PP):  Health Leads UK

Headaches & Migraines

 You may have an idea what causes it in your case. Is it stress, lack of sleep or an allergy? A good start at deciphering the cause would be to eat more green vegetables as they contain magnesium.  Try a magnesium supplement as it can work as a muscle relaxant and ease tension. Avoid chemicals too. If you take painkillers on a regular basis you need to get to the root cause. A trip to your doctor might help give your type of headache a name. Download the above eBook and look up headaches and migraines. You may be surprised to learn that pathogens can cause migraines. Kill pathogens with a Hulda Clark zapper and take alpha lipoic acid before two to three meals a day (an antioxidant that can cross the blood brain barrier). Remember, a healthy gut is important too. So take probiotics.


Any one of the following: Ginger tea, a glass of ozonated water, 2tsp black walnut hull tincture, a few drops of lugol’s iodine in water  (don’t take if you have an allergy to iodine or are deficient in magnesium.)

Stomach ache

This can be due to bacteria such as Salmonella or e Coli. Any one of the following: 2 tsp black walnut hull tincture, a few drops of lugol’s iodine (after meals), turmeric & fennel capsules are all options. Take magnesium if you go for the lugol’s  iodine option. For fast relief, (sometimes in an hour) use a Hulda Clark zapper either side of your stomach. Take pro-biotics a few hours after using the zapper.

Lower back ache

It can sometimes be a blocked bowel or kidney issue. Cascara sagrada can help constipation and drink lots of pure water to clean your kidneys. You could also try the kidney cleanse in the eBook on the home page. If the cause is muscular; nourish your muscles with magnesium oxide and Vitamin E and lower inflammation with turmeric capsules, Omega 3 and Liposomal vitamin C. If the cause is an old injury, take enzymes and kill bacteria with a zapper or frequency generator. Additionally, strengthen your bones. (See No.5 above)


This is often due to not having enough good bacteria in your gut. One option is to kill bad bacteria with the zapper or frequency generator. Take probiotics, bio yoghurt or sauerkraut juice to replace the good bacteria.  Cascara Sagrada or Senna might help. Sometimes constipation is simply that you have been having too many carbohydrates, not enough fibre, not drinking enough water or you are not moving enough.


Diarrhoea is usually an overgrowth of bad bacteria or other pathogens in your colon. It could also be your body trying to remove toxins. (Take pro biotics.) You will likely guess what the issue is in your case. Three drops of Lugol’s iodine in 1/2 to a full glass of water can stop the diarrhoea in its tracks. You may need to do this twice a few hours apart.  Some people may need 6 drops.  If the Lugol’s iodine or the zapper doesn’t work to stop diarrhoea (on the same day) don’t wait too long before seeing a doctor as there may be something else going on. You might find this article helpful.


1/4 to 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water at night. Repair your gut by taking probioticsImprove your liver health with glutathione or milk thistle and a herbal parasite cleanse (Hulda Clark PP). Additionally, kill bacteria with a zapper or frequency generator.


Tearful and don’t know why. (May be due to bacteria, in particular Clostridium Botulinum or Salmonella) Kill with a frequency generator or zapper Additionally, take B Complex to lift your mood.

Night Time Bladder Issues

Getting up too many times at night for the bathroom, you might need the kidney health (6 week recipe) Use the eBook to discover the recipe.

Lack of Energy

Lack of energy can mean many things. It can mean thatyour body needs more nutrients. Possibly more magnesium and copper. Perhaps B vitamins too. Maybe your mitochondria contains toxins or pathogens that need to be removed. Eat more green foods, exercise to absorb more oxygen and move toxins out of the lymph glands. Detox your bowel, kidneys and liver. (A simple method) Kill Candida.

A liver cleanse may help energise you. NT Factor may be useful in chronic fatigue. It is said to help repair mitochondria (the energy powerhouse of your cells) and PectaSol-C may reduce pain causing inflammation. Giving your digestive system less work to do by not eating between meals allows your body more healing time. If the issue is candida (a symptom may be: sudden onset tiredness when you are walking), kill fungus with a zapper or frequency generator and take a good pro-biotic. Avoid sugar.


Anaemia can be caused by an imbalance of minerals in the body. When anaemic take extra magnesium and copper. (How about porridge for breakfast with a teaspoon of cinnamon or cocoa powder and a magnesium capsule taken before the meal.) Check out the root cause. Pathogens, like parasites, feed on the iron in your body. Kill parasites with the herbal parasite cleanse (Hulda Clark PP)  before taking steps to resolve the iron issue.

Start by re-balancing minerals.  Additionally, a lot of oxygen is needed to heal red blood cells when low. Take Vitamin E 100iu a day. (Avocado also contains vitamin E) Vitamin E helps slow platelet destruction. Drink ozonated water to help remove toxins. Check PH levels, if your body is too acidic you won’t be able to absorb much oxygen. MSM 1/2 a level tsp dissolved in water twice a day for 3 weeks may help restore usable iron (Hulda Clark’s suggestion). Hydrangea root which is part of the kidney recipe in the eBook may also be helpful.

Take Cod liver oil, Vitamin C and B Complex too. Bee Pollen and rice bran are good food sources of B vitamins. A high strength cod liver oil will contain vitamin A which is also needed. Dark chocolate or cocoa powder has copper. Don’t eat cereals or foods containing added iron.  They may have the wrong type of iron in them. Green leafy vegetables are high in magnesium. If your ferritin levels are high, you likely have enough iron but it is in the wrong form. Detox. Have your Vitamin D and B12 levels checked.

High blood Pressure

If you are having problems lowering this it could be that your kidneys are becoming blocked with toxins. The most helpful strategy is to use the 6 week kidney health program kidney recipe  (Hulda Clark KC)  Download the eBook and follow the instructions. 

For a temporary solution, take your blood pressure then take the following: a magnesium capsule before your meal and these with your meal: Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, folic acid, 2 ginger capsules and 2 Uva Ursi capsules. (This is a Dr Hulda Clark suggestion)  Drink plenty of water. Leave it a couple of hours then take your blood pressure again. If your rise in blood pressure is a temporary problem (likely due to a build up of toxins blocking your kidneys), you should notice a difference in your blood pressure. If neither suggestion works, you may need to do the parasite cleanse (Hulda Clark PP). Instructions are in the eBook.

Heart Problems

First, see your doctor. Get a diagnosis. CoQ10, Magnesium and Vitamin E  can nourish your heart as it is a muscle.  Vitamin D3 can help soften arterial plaque.  A good balance of minerals is vital and best done through food. Kill parasites and take enzymes to help remove hardened deposits.


High Blood sugar a problem? Cutting out carbs except in low calorie veg, nuts and seeds, more green veg and a brisk walk daily to raise your heart rate (at least half an hour) can help lower blood sugar. Do what you can to heal your gut. Many have found the following diet helpful. There is also a cookery book for the diet. Check out this article.

Learn more about sugar alternatives.  Currently, it looks like Erythritol is the most palatable all purpose sweetener that shouldn’t affect your blood sugar. Try N-Acetyl Cysteine to support your liver. Learn about the connection between mercury and diabetes.   Diabetes Diet  

Can’t sleep

Calcium in the form of milk (3 small glasses per day) may help. Unfortunately, we don’t absorb the calcium from vegetable sources as easily.  Try magnesium and ornithine at bedtime. They are calming. Heal your gut too.

Joint Pain

Reduce inflammation, take the right nutrients to feed your bones and cartilage. Move more (as your body allows) while you heal. You may find acupuncture helpful. Take Vitamin C with rosehips & bioflavanoids. Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Boron (Small amounts of Boron can help lay the calcium back in your bones. One Boron every other day for no longer than 3 months should be long enough to make a difference.) Try and take the calcium in food form, especially as we get older we may not have the stomach acid to metabolise the tablets. A good range of natural minerals and vitamins that your body CAN absorb will help to keep your bones strong especially if they come from foods.) Vitamin C helps to make Collagen. Eggs and bone broth contain collagen. Learn more about Knee Pain.

Acid Reflux

The Stretta treatment used in hospitals delivers a radio frequency to the affected area. Try using a frequency generator 465 for 45 minutes. Alternatively kill pathogens. Hulda Clark suggests that it is likely to be bacteria that weaken the barrier that should protect stomach acid from rising into the oesophagus. Kill them with a zapper or frequency generator. However, you may find that a green vegetable rich diet could help. As a temporary measure, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water at bedtime could help.


Try 3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil daily. (It could be added to porridge.)  It gives your brain energy. MCT oil has an even more potent affect. There are many additional benefits of MCT Oil. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) sometimes called Thioctic acid is a powerful antioxidant that crosses the blood brain barrier and helps clean your brain. Not everything going on in your brain may start in the brain. There is a gut brain connection, so take probiotics. You may find Ginkgo or ginger helpful. Look into the new B12 and Niacinamide/B3 treatment. (How to recognise B12 deficiency.)


B complex (the anti stress vitamins), magnesium (has a calming effect), Alpha Lipoic Acid (antioxidant for the brain), GABA (helps brain health) Would you like to take back control of your mental health? This doctor tells you how. His methods start with understanding the physical properties of physical and emotional pain.

Sense of Taste Lowered

This could be due to your medication (check side effects) or maybe due to a zinc or other mineral deficiency. Take antioxidants to raise your immune system. (Berries, Liposomal Vitamin C, Quercitin)


Kill parasites regularly with the herbal parasite cleanse and Hulda Clark zapper. Heal your gut by taking probiotics and eating more green vegetables.

Thyroid Issues

Check out the natural remedies for thyroid health.  Kill pathogens, remove heavy metals with supplements that support your liver (glutathione, n-acetyl cysteine, silymarin or milk thistle). Feed your adrenal glands with the nutrients they need to function well. Learn about iodine deficiency.  Research your specific thyroid issue here.


Whilst the repair work that our bodies do is automatic, we need to remove the blockages (toxins, plaque and pathogens) in order for our immune system to be boosted. However, if we nourish our immune system by feeding it with helpful nutrient rich organic food and pure water to wash away the toxins whilst we detox, success is possible. Start by avoiding the bad stuff and eating and drinking healthy organic food and distilled water (if you go this option you will need to take extra minerals) or reverse osmosis water. We need a lot of good nutrients to heal. Himilayan Pink salt is a good generic source of minerals. Vitamin C can be used up instantly if we are severely deficient in it. Give your body the environment that it needs to promote healing. Your objective is to have more energy and be in less pain.

Check out for further useful health tips.


You will find chemicals and heavy metals in food, Body products and Cleaning materials Stay away from what you can and take supplements such as Vitamin B2 and Glutathione to detox the unknown and to help your liver.


Sugar should be avoided except in low sugar fruits such as limes and lemons  and low sugar berries like blueberries and raspberries. (If you do end up eating something sweet on occasion at least take extra vitamin c with it.) If you have metal fillings and can afford to have them removed and replaced with bio compatible materials, do this as soon as you feel well enough to cope with the dentist’s chair. Erythritol doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste (you can use it in cooking but use slightly less than the sugar in your recipe) Xylitol can help you sustain a strict no added sugar diet.


Eat the Rainbow: Colourful ORGANIC foods with lots of good nutrients especially green vegetables like organic Broccoli and Kale.


Avoid chlorine (tap water). Drink distilled water (but only if you are taking extra nutrients)  Use Himalayan pink salt in your food for extra minerals. Alternatively drink Evian (it was tested by Dr Hulda Clark for its purity.) If you drink distilled water you must replace the minerals you are missing with a mineral supplement. Another option is Reverse Osmosis water. For those who can afford it: Structured Water


Choose the most useful products and/or protocols known to help your body detox and heal. What you do first, will depend on what you are trying to heal.


What happens when you are in pain or distressed? Learn what is physically going on in your body and how to retrain your brain to cope mindfully with life’s ups and downs. The previous video interview with David A. Hanscom, M.D demonstrates that there is a deep physical connection between anxiety and pain. This is an eye opening interview and worth watching to the end.  Here is a useful symptom checker to use if you are having trouble figuring out a possible cause of your symptoms.




  • Essiac to detox, detox lumps and bumps and heal
  • PectaSol-C to reduce inflammation and/or Enzymes
  • Glutathione or Alpha Lipoic Acid to help your liver remove toxins and heavy metals. Milk thistle or Silymarin are also helpful.
  • Exercise to help your body absorb more oxygen and clear your lymph glands. (Try to walk daily if you can, or at least move more. If you can’t do this, try to breathe more deeply now and again to try to oxygenate your cells. Alternatively, an oxygen concentrator might help. (The more oxygen it produces the better.)
  •  Heat: Sweating can help release toxins from the body. Hot baths with Epsom salts help you detox through your skin. Alternatively, long hot showers. Use a shower filter to avoid chlorine.


  • NT factor to help repair the mitochondria and provide energy
  • Nutrients   Take a full range of the nutrients that your body needs to work properly: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and extra vitamin C. (Buy from a company that goes the extra mile to NOT include chemicals and unnecessary non natural fillers.) Organixx is another option.
  • Probiotics to heal your gut  (good health starts with a healthy gut and digestive system)
  • Enzymes to help you to process and absorb the nutrients in your food.

Better Health – How Long Will it Take to Get Well

The longer you stick to the changes, the easier it gets. It can take up to 3 years to feel well enough to lead a normal life. In some cases, changes can be felt in days. It all depends on how much repair work needs to be done in your body. For most people,there is a noticeable difference within a few months. The extra energy, more mobility and less aches and pains gives you the mental strength to continue with the changes. Yes, it costs a lot of money at times and trial and error before you find out what works for you and what doesn’t. We are all individuals. Our body terrain is different.

Hopefully,the research on this website will cut the costs down for you as they are tried and tested. You will find many helpful stories on Google or You Tube of people who have made a positive difference to their health or Doctors who have helped many of their patients heal. Take them as they come, some suggestions may work for you some may not. Above all, don’t give up hope.

A Word of Caution

Remember to check (before you take anything new) that it won’t interact with your current medication. Always take the lower suggested dose of anything first to ensure that you don’t have an allergy to it. If you try something new and react to it, see your doctor. Diluted organic apple juice may also help remove it from your body more quickly. Some have found an antihistamine useful.

If you are about to have an operation, your blood needs to be able to clot, so don’t take anything that will prevent that from happening leading up to your operation. (Learn about homeopathic Arnica for a smooth recovery.)  Ask the hospital for a list of what to avoid leading up to the operation.

Better Health – Discover New Ways for Old Problems

Be prepared to research and discover what works to give you better health. A square of dark chocolate occasionally, is now a treat. A teaspoon of flax seeds relieves hunger at night. When my brain is over thinking at night, I find milk, magnesium and 3 ornithine capsules helps me sleep. For you 1 Ornithine capsule might work. Think about what is the worst that could happen if I do this and what is the best that can happen? If the worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work, it is likely to be worth a try as long as you can afford it.

Remember to start any new supplement with the lowest dose to make sure that you do not have an allergy to it. We are all different weights and so dosages might need adjusting accordingly. If you do end up eating something that is bad for you, like sugar or processed carbohydrates, take an extra vitamin C afterwards to give your immune system extra assistance. Yes, we all have our weaker moments.

Better Health – Summary

Avoid the bad stuff, remove the chemicals, metals and pesticides from your body with glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin B2 along with adding more green vegetables and herbs to your diet. Repair the health of your gut with pro-biotics and by eating only organic unprocessed food.  Take extra of all the nutrients your body needs to work: minerals, vitamins (especially vitamin C) and amino acids. Take digestive enzymes (especially papain) to help you absorb the nutrients in your food. Try NT factor for repairing your mitochondria and PectacolC to tackle inflammation at source. Omega 3 and Vitamin C also help reduce inflammation.

Electronic Gadgets to Delete Pathogens

Use a frequency generator to find and disable pathogens in your body. Use a zapper for pain relief, to kill pathogens and improve immunity. Frankincense oil, Myrrh oil or ozonated olive oil for viruses. Drink pure water and sleep well. De-stress. (Whenever you feel stressed take a B complex) and exercise more. DON’T OVERDO ANYTHING. Research and understand what you are doing and why you are doing it as well as what the downside might be. Discover the level of each step you need to do  in order to feel better. Therefore, let how you feel guide and inform you as to whether the changes that you are making are working.

What to expect

You will still get infections at times but with changes in lifestyle, diet, exercise and a more positive outlook,  as well as your new basic first aid kit (a better understanding of the right supplements for the right job and electronic medicine), you will likely heal more quickly. If you are doing all of the right things and you feel you are still missing something (as you don’t feel better), don’t give up. Do your own research.

Remember you are responsible for your own decisions. First, do NO harm. Hope can be a healer too. Additionally, there are bound to be alternatives to the sources of products on this website. Check labels. Use the purest supplements that contain only what you need. If there are additives they should only be there to help you absorb the product more effectively not as fillers or extra chemicals. If the objective of the Company is to provide you with the purest, cleanest, organic (where possible), easy to absorb supplements, in the most effective doses, you could choose to try their supplements.


There are no cures claimed here. We are not doctors. See your doctor for a diagnosis of your health issues.  This website is about attempting to take control of your own health. We are not selling anything. We are just sharing knowledge and experience.

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