50 Ways to Fix Boredom

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50 Ways to Fix Boredom

15/03/2020 Comments Off on 50 Ways to Fix Boredom By April Phillips

Is the Coronavirus crisis getting you down? If you are self isolating, quarantined, bored or stuck indoors here are 50 ways to fix boredom and stay connected.

Us mere mortals are currently left wondering what is really going on. We have more questions than answers. We follow the news with bated breath, hoping to catch a glimpse of what is really happening. Instead we are left with more confusion; whilst we wait for answers that are illusive, keep changing and become disguised in yet more suggestions to wash our hands. Hence, many of us are left with blank stares waiting for this crisis to end. We shrug our shoulders and feel there is nothing that we can do about it. If you begin to feel that you are getting information overload, write down what you need to know.

Time to get our smiles back and stop being apprehensive or scared. Consider others who could be struggling for whatever reason. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be helpful. Be thankful to those who are trying to help us. Self isolate physically but not mentally. Keep a structured routine but add variety. Here are 50 ways to fix boredom.

I’m Not Skiving – I’m Self Isolating

50 Ways to Fix Boredom – At Home

  1. Take a journey to far flung exotic places.(Google Street view, You Tube, video reviews of journeys or blogs, your own holiday photos etc.)
  2. Investigate your health issues and learn how to resolve them
  3. Start a new hobby eg. take up drawing, painting or pottery
  4. Learn a new skill: carpentry, soap making, making greeting cards, learn how cars work etc.
  5. Learn a language (The Duolingo app will help you learn words.)
  6. Learn to cook (Phone friends and ask for their best recipes)
  7. Learn the names of birds, trees, flowers, animals etc.
  8. Download a word game app that you can play with friends like Two Words
  9. Listen to music, write a song ( http://lyricideas.com/ ) or learn the words of your favourite songs.
  10. List all the English sayings, idoms etc with their meanings
  11. Take an online course
  12. Fix those jobs around the house that you never had time for before
  13. Get to grips with understanding computers or your phone
  14. Write a blog, a diary, your life story or an eBook
  15. Browse National Geographic’s images to connect with nature.
  16. Fix that item that you always wondered whether it was fixable.
  17. Teach someone to read using Skype
  18. Watch a new TV series or uplifting Movies that make you smile.
  19. Learn more about the Japanese art of Plating
  20. Take a fresh look at your clothes, matching items to create a new outfit or choose a new hairstyle
  21. Discover more about historical characters
  22. Research your ancestry or create a historic timeline
  23. Play online games or puzzles like 2048
  24. Tidy and clean your house in more detail
  25. Look for answers to the big questions in life https://www.jw.org/en/
  26. Read the books online that you always meant to read (Kindle)
  27. Download a free easy to read Bible onto your phone, PC or tablet
  28. Re-organise your paperwork
  29. Delete unwanted files on your computer or phone
  30. Plant an indoor herb garden (order what you need online)
  31. Send someone you care about some flowers
  32. Discover alternative ways to relieve pain on this website
  33. Learn how to shop online if you have never done it before
  34. Fix your broken jewellery
  35. Discover records eg. the most translated website
  36. Research how to help your family resolve their health issues
  37. Treat yourself to a soothing Epsom Salts footbath.
  38. Check the use by dates on the food in your cupboard
  39. Clean your fridge, cooker, cupboards or garage
  40. Work out a dance routine to your favourite song
  41. Sort through your clothes and dispose of anything you can no longer wear and catch up on ironing
  42. Take stock of your food supplies and write a permanent shopping list
  43. Design and build a website
  44. Clean your TV, computer screen and keyboard
  45. Dispose of unwanted photos on your digital camera
  46. Learn how to cut hair by watching You Tube videos
  47. Make plans for a holiday when all this is over
  48. Locate the parks in your area to visit when you emerge from hibernation.
  49. Learn to play a musical instrument
  50. Investigate the question, “Does God Exist?” from a new perspective.

Over 60 – Staying at Home

If you are over 60 and staing at home, the internet is a library in your living room. If you have never made use of it before, you will find many more than 50 ways to fix boredom. You will be endlessly amused. Be careful though not to get distracted by unhelpful advertising. Stay focused on your research plan. Time will pass more quickly and be more rewarding if you stick to one subject at a time. Just remember to eat nourishing food, sleep well and exercise. Get up from your chair regularly and move to keep your circulation going. Keep drinking water. You need to keep your kidneys healthy. If you limit your news watching to no more than once or twice a day frustration will minimise.

Do your best to avoid accidents. If you injure yourself, you may need extra help. The aim is to be self-sufficient and safe from harm. Keep important phone numbers handy. Let someone know if all is not well. Don’t be a martyr. Stay happy and healthy. You may be used to coping alone but its amazing how just talking to someone can make you feel better. Get dressed in the morning. Open a window. Keep up with home and personal hygiene. If you don’t, it could affect your physical and mental health. Play uplifting music to keep you smiling. Recovery from this virus is possible, so above all stay positive and hopeful.

Prevent and Recover from Viruses

  • Buy gadgets that can improve your health
  • Take Supplements that boost your immunity. Especially Vitamin C
  • Drink teas that will protect you against viruses
  • Eat and drink healthy food and water
  • Listen to good advice and make sensible decisions
  • If the health suggestion does no harm like taking Vitamin C and you can afford it, give it a try. (Always check interactions with medicines.)
  • Think strong. Think healthy and bring your actions in line with your thoughts.
  • Pray more

For more details on what to do about the Coronavirus, check the blog on our sister website. The information it contains could be enlightening. You will be learning more about what you can do to prevent and recover from the Coronavirus. There are gadgets, teas and supplements that help render viruses harmless. Many can be ordered online. Learn about them here: https://www.fixbadskin.com/recover-from-viruses/

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