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Fix Bad Health – Avoid the Tug of War

Do you Need Help Getting Well?

Do you need help getting well? Learn about causes and solutions. Find the cause, take action and feel better. Seven steps to wellness are needed. If poor health and pain is dampening your motivation, learn what you CAN do to fix bad health. It’s amazing how when we feel that there IS something that can be done to improve bad health, hope motivates us to take action.

One of the hardest things to deal with is viruses. Learn how to assist prevention and recovery from viruses here.

Poor health can feel like a tug of war at times.  When you are asked, “How are you?” is your usual reply, I’m OK or I’m fine, when you’re actually NOT OK and not fine. You may have got tired of feeling like you are complaining and have decided to fake wellness. Does telling the truth make you worry that you will be labelled as a hypochondriac?  The sooner you learn what the cause of your health issues are, the sooner you will have more good days than bad. Therefore, if you would like to be able to say ‘I’m fine’ and mean it, be determined to take action. Learn how to fix  bad health problems.

Fix Bad Health – Homeostasis

It’s time to get some equilibrium back or homeostasis as some health practitioners call it. So let’s together take a closer look at what we can do to make a difference to how we feel by attempting to dampen our symptoms. If you have not as yet tried lifestyle changes, cleanses and increased nutrition, take a closer look. In some cases, it means avoidance and in other cases it means filling in the gaps in what our body needs to work correctly. It may mean taking the correct balance of minerals. Sometimes it means killing pathogens. Every system in our body needs certain elements to work efficiently. Why not investigate how the body part you are having problems with works and what nutrients it needs to do its job.

FIX BAD HEALTH – A Plan of Action

Decades ago it was discovered that toxins, pathogens, damage and deficiencies can make us feel ill. This is still true. However, more has been learned about everyday products that contain chemicals and how they lower our health. Further links have been made between pathogens and diseases. As more research has discovered what our bodies need to do their job properly, we can now link deficiencies, pathogens and chemicals to non working body processes. It is now possible to begin to look after their own health. Look up symptoms of nutritional deficiencies here.

It is highly likely that you CAN do something that makes you feel better. When you boost your immune system, improve your fitness and also have a deeper understanding of the causes of ill health, it will give you reason to believe that this actually may be doable. However, the extra work takes stamina and determination. Sometimes, it may be necessary to enlist the help of a family member or close friend. It can be hard to think straight when you are in pain and feeling unwell you may need help.

FIX BAD HEALTH – Help your Immune System

When you look at the seven steps below, you may realize that you have been missing a vital step in your quest to fix bad health problems.  If you keep wellness as your goal and stay positive, you will realize that you CAN make a difference to your health. The steps below will give you a starting point and teach you how to fix bad health.

Your immune system then needs to take over from your active involvement and repair what’s wrong. Make it easier for your immune system to do its job by removing what could be blocking recovery. If you omit any of the steps below, your immune system may not be able to fix bad health issues effectively. The sooner you take these steps, the more chance you have of a full recovery. Learn how to clean your body on the inside so that your immune system can catch up with removing the blockages to good health.

FIX BAD HEALTH – Quality Food and Nutrients are Needed

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get enough nutrients in our food these days to boost our immune system effectively. Over farming and pesticides can deplete the soil and food of nutrients. So, to fix bad health, concentrated nutrients need to come from the purest organic source you can find. When you switch to eating organic food, you will notice that it tastes better. If you shop wisely and carefully it needn’t cost more. Plan your meals ahead of time and buy only what you can use before it turns bad.

You need to be able to absorb the nutrients. Step seven will help fix your gut.  Your immune system will then become more effective. A full range of nutrients in the right balance is needed in order to get well. The Dr Rath supplements can provide your body with the nutrients it needs to kick start the hundreds of metabolic processes that rely on those nutrients to do their job efficiently.  If you have a serious health condition and need a well balanced package of essential nutrients, call the Rath Team and talk through your health issues.  They will be able to point you in the right direction.

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  1. Get your clinical diagnoses. Ask appropriate questions. Discover the latest research.
  2. Google it. (Find out all you can about the disease.) Start to avoid what is bad for you.
  3. Drink pure water that helps you detox and clean your body on the inside. Avoid toxins and remove toxins. Watch out for skin issues that may relate to what is happening internally. (See the eBook below for body cleanup suggestions. (Parasite, bowel, kidney & liver Cleanses ) Alpha Lipoic Acid – page 442 of the eBook mentioned below helps your liver and brain remove toxins.
  4. Boost your essential nutrient levels by eating organic and eating more green vegetables. Take extra vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals (in particular magnesium), amino acids and probiotics. Avoid processed food and sugar. Take supplements to repair your precise health issues and reduce inflammation. Take enzymes.
  5. Target your complete health with protocols known to help (eg. quality sleep, exercise, avoiding stress and resolving past traumas).
  6. Kill pathogens commonly known to cause disease and cause pain. Target moulds too. (Use supplements to kill them such as the Hulda Clark Parasite Herbs and kill them electronically.)Learn about Frequencies and the effect they have on pathogens.  Learn about the thyroid connection to bad health. A simple way to kill pathogens is with a Hulda Clark Zapper.
  7. Feed the good bacteria in your gut to help your immune system recover.

EBook    The Cure for all Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

Understanding the possible cause of your disease and poor health will likely highlight what went wrong in your individual case.  Start investigating your health issues by downloading this useful FREE EBOOK.

If Parkinson’s has been diagnosed, The above eBook suggests that two specific bacteria may be a problem. See pages 159 and 315. A Hulda Clark zapper available on eBay could improve the condition as it debilitates bacteria using vibrational frequencies and boosts the immune system.

If you have bone problems, turn to page 63 of the above eBook after download. Also pages 88 and 89.  Learn how and why our bones deteriorate. Additionally take the minerals you need to heal bone. (Take a look at the ingredients.) Add calcium in food form, such as milk, carrot juice or tahini.  High strength cod liver oil (1000mg) and Liposomal Vitamin C and you have a combination that could ease your suffering. If Diabetes or High Blood Pressure is an issue, could you be low on potassium? Do you need to unblock your kidneys?

If you have aches and pains on an ongoing basis, you could try taking a balance of essential minerals. Add enzymes too and your joints could feel more free.

Hulda Clark Zapper & Herbs

If you have a cyst, growth, bone or joint pain, remove bad bacteria and parasites regularly. A by-product of pathogens called phenol can cause pain. Cysts are usually full of pathogens. When you kill the pathogens, the cyst shrinks. Take Liposomal Vitamin C to support your immune system while you heal. A Hulda Clark zapper(Zapper Protocol) lowers pathogens. and raises your immune system.

Parasite elimination can also be achieved with a herbal combination. (PP)

Instructions for the herbal combination and cleanses can be found in the free eBook.

Aging – Health Issues

If you suffer from arthritis, you may be low in potassium. Drink the juice of a grated potato each morning to get enough potassium for the day. Alternatively, have some organic raisins for the potassium. You may need to increase stomach acid too. As we get older, we often don’t have as much stomach acid as we had when young. Have some lemon juice with each meal. You could make home made lemonade: The juice of half a lemon with half a pint of water and a dessertspoon of Erythritol. If you suffer from leg cramps, you may be low in magnesium or B12 too. Ask your doctor to check for anemia. Magnesium and zinc at bedtime may help you sleep better.  The proper balance of  essential minerals can help a number of conditions. Collagen contains a range of amino acids that can help with joint pain too.


If you need to fix bowel problems, download the above eBook and look up your condition or symptoms and follow the instructions in the book. (Take probiotics in the form of bio yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut juice.)


If you wonder about the common causes of MS  download the eBook above. You will find the details on page 204. Search for specific items in the eBook that are mentioned in the information. For example look up which everyday products contain the toxins mentioned. Learn how one person resolved their MS in this video.

Brain Health

To relieve brain health issues learn about causes. Is it toxins in the brain? If it could be, then Alpha Lipoic Acid could be worth a try. ALA is an antioxidant that crosses the blood/brain barrier.  If the cause is calcification of arteries or leaky gut, Digestive enzymes could be worth a try. For a more comprehenive approach try Easy Digest. If the cause could be something that is alive such as viruses, frankincense oil or myrrh oil may help disable the viruses. Additionally, all live things that are interfering with wellness such as parasites, bacteria or moulds could improve by using a Hulda Clark Zapper daily to kill the unwanted bugs in your body. Take probiotics following zapping.

Memory Loss

If memory loss is a problem start with a healthy diet and raised concentrated nutrition in the form of green juices and supplements such as MCT oil to improve brain energy. A Naturopath may suggest niacinamide too. (Learn more about the effects of this before taking it as you don’t want it to duplicate the effects of medicines you are currently taking.)  Learn if B12 or D3 deficiency is a problem. (Some medicines, such as Metformin taken for Diabetes can lower B12.) Many benefit from extra Magnesium, CoQ10 and Vitamin E, especially if it is a heart issue. Additionally, improve liver health with Glutathione, milk thistle or N-Acetyl-Cysteine to help your liver remove toxins. Lastly, improve gut health with probiotics, bio-yoghurt, sauerkraut or kefir. (Especially after using a zapper, as you will need to replace good bacteria.) Check out Easy Digest too.

B-complex can also work wonders at improving mood when brain health issues are getting you down. If you have had ongoing depression for a long time, you may need GABA, B-Complex and enzymes to help with repair work. Learn more about the effects of any supplement before taking them. Don’t despair, there is always something that you can do.

Immune System – Moulds and Viruses

Viruses The following may be helpful when attempting to eliminate viruses.

  1. Avoid stored, packaged foods as moulds can help viruses grow. Processed oils help viruses proliferate so avoid or use sparingly. (Organic butter from grass fed cows is a more natural alternative, used in moderation). Try to eat fresh organic home cooked foods.
  2. The following are known to assist in gaining relief. Ozonated water (Ozonate water for 5 minutes to ease nausea.) Ozonated olive oil (2 tbs), Frankincense Oil (3 drops on your tongue twice taken 10 minutes apart. Do this as often as you need to until you are well. (Information on viruses is from Dr. Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual.) Colloidal Silver (a dessertspoon a day can also help with infections). Use a Hulda Clark Zapper (keep zapping till you are well.) Use a battery tester to ensure that the power never drops below 9 volts. two rechargeable batteries would be useful.)

Zapper & Frequency Generator

The zapper works by supercharging the white blood cells in your immune system to go about their job killing the invaders. Frequency Generator (This gadget will allow you to scan your body to find the frequency of the virus giving you trouble. You can then attack it and use the generator to encourage your immune system to work efficiently.)

Source for Ingredients from the above eBook

If you’re looking for the ingredients for the Cleanses mentioned in the above eBook you will find a reliable source HERE

  • HULDA CLARK (KC) Kidney Herbs  (Page 549)
  • HULDA CLARK (PP)  Parasite Herbs  (Page 338)

Learn about a side effect of not resolving these 7 steps. READ MORE


There are no cures claimed here. We are not doctors. See your doctor for a diagnosis of your health issues.  This website is about attempting to take control of your own health. We are not selling anything. We are just sharing knowledge and experience.

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