Find Bad Health Causes

Bad Health Causes

Ask the right questions – Find the cause

Our bad health causes must be found and addressed in order to feel well. Try to find out what your bad health causes are and fix them. Sometimes the cause begins in the brain. At other times our lifestyle needs addressing. Take practical steps to resolve your health condition and act with knowledge and insight. Learn about one aspect of the cause of ill health. If you are ready to fix your bad health causes and need more information keep reading.  The following can cause bad health:

  • Toxins – external and internal (chemicals, metals, pesticides etc.,  in your home, body e.g. mercury tooth fillings and polluted foods) Pollution in your air and water plus EMFs. Read the NHS article on chemicals and cancer. The American Cancer  Society list of cancer causing chemicals.
  • Pathogens (moulds, viruses, bacteria, parasites) and lack of stomach acid to kill them. Pathogens can be feeding on our nutrients. too. A pathogen overload could cause a low body PH and also lack of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, D, B2, B3 and selenium, zinc, magnesium and Boron. We need all our nutrients in order to fix bad health. There is a time honoured way to reduce our pathogen overload. It’s called a Rife Machine.  (Spooky2 Frequency Generator.) The above frequency generator can discover the frequencies of pathogens in the body. If we don’t have enough stomach acid to kill them, pathogens can move anywhere in our body. Is your heart issue a parasite? Does your stomach issue involve parasites? Is your skin issue caused by bacteria or a virus? Find out.
  • Allergies can make us tired, in pain and inflamed. (If you have given up a food, think about the benefits it contained and how to replace what was good about the food. E.g. If you have given up dairy your bones are likely to deteriorate unless you replace the calcium in another way.)
  • Physical damage – breakages or  blockages. Injuries can zap our strength. It takes all our bodies resources to heal.
  • Insufficient nutrients. Our immune system needs extra vitamins, minerals, amino acids and sufficient enzymes to heal. Sometimes taking them three times a day is needed to make a difference to your health.  Does your thyroid need extra help?
  • Poor gut health (too many bad bacteria and not enough helpful bacteria)
  • Unchecked stress, insufficient sleep and negative thinking can lower our immune system. B vitamins can be used up almost instantly in extreme stress. Don’t omit these if you are anxious or depressed. Vitamin C can be used up instantly if our immune system is compromised.

Take a look at the following video to better understand what is behind poor health: How to Make Diseases Disappear

NOT fixing Bad Health Causes – Inflammation that Stays

There will be side effects from not fixing bad health causes. We need to look for the clues.  Start with Inflammation. It’s useful when temporary but unhelpful when it doesn’t settle down.  To discover bad health causes we need to address inflammation. It often starts with toxins like heavy metals or chemicals.  Pathogens (like Streptococcus Pneumoniae and allergies) can cause pain in our body.  To reduce pain levels we need to remove the causes of inflammation.

  1. Allergies cause inflammation
  2. Toxins cause inflammation (Usually heavy metal issues)
  3. Pathogens cause inflammation
  4. Physical damage causes inflammation – opportunistic bacteria and other pathogens gravitate to the damaged area. A low immune system means healing is delayed. A change of diet may help reduce inflammation and pain. Excessive fibrin can exacerbate inflammation.
  5. Lack of good bacteria in the gut causes inflammation. (A large part of our immune system is in the gut.)
  6. A poor diet and lack of nutrients can lower immunity. Could a vitamin D deficiency be making you feel generally unwell and tired?
  7. Hardened deposits in our organs and blood vessels can cause inflammation. In turn pain, stiffness and disease results. Learn how to soften and remove these deposits. (Extra vitamin D can help among many other things. It has a softening effect. ) Learn about Serrapeptase and EssiacDo you need extra enzymes?

How to Reduce Inflammation

Bad health causes can exacerbate inflammation. Your body isn’t keeping up with cleaning you on the inside. Giving our immune system and major organs too much work to do means our bodies struggle keeping up with detoxing and killing bugs. Helpful substances to reduce  inflammation are: Turmeric, Omega 3s and Vitamin C . Try also having breakfast a little later. Drink extra pure water. You will likely notice a draining effect on your inflammation (especially if you are moving about). You are giving your body extra time to heal.

When looking for bad health causes, it’s always helpful to detox and kill pathogens, no matter what our health issue is. Exercise provides extra oxygen too and moves the debris from our lymph glands to our elimination system. Reducing inflammation becomes a vital step to fix bad health causes. When you are balanced, reasonable and use your common sense you will have a greater chance of success. If you make a change and feel sick, detox more slowly. Our bodies need time to heal.

If your health issue started with inflammation such as an injury or prostate inflammation, why not try PectaSol-C  (Modified Citrus Pectin

You will also need to take enzymes.

Alternatively, you could try the following for 30 days and see if it makes a difference to pain levels.

  • 3 x 1000mg omega 3 or cod liver oil capsules a day
  • 3 cups of green tea a day
  • Alpha Lipoic acid or glutathione (before 2 meals a day) to remove heavy metals
  • Turmeric capsules
  • Good quality multivitamin/mineral tablet
  • Pure chlorine free water

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When the cause of bad health returns

If we kill off the bugs in our body and we eat them again in the same food that caused the problem, our bad health causes could return. We may need to resolve allergies or change what we eat. There is generally a food or body product that we don’t want to give up that may be hindering healing.

To eliminate bad health causes we need to examine every step closely to ensure we are not missing a vital step. Every action we take could further improve our health. Why not set aside time to think about how you will implement your fix bad health plan. Here is how to do it. READ ON

Rife Machine

The following Rife machine is called Spooky2 named after a comment by Einstein about quantum entanglement A Rife Machine is a good way of learning about your own personal bad health causes. You will need to purchase the machine, download the free software then attach the machine to your computer via the cables that come with the machine. The software comes with frequency lists of diseases. With this machine you can run a pre-programmed list of frequencies for specific diseases or scan your body (looking for pathogens) . You can then attack the pathogens, in an attempt to relieve your symptoms.  Learn more about how a Rife machine works below and where to buy one. The designers and manufacturers run two useful support networks where you can ask questions and have them answered by other users.

How a Rife Machine Works

A cost effective Rife Machine is the Spooky 2, named after a comment by Einstein. You can download the software free.

Buy the machine here: Spooky2 Mall


There are no cures claimed here. We are not doctors. See your doctor for a diagnosis of your health issues.  This website is about attempting to take control of your own health. We are not selling anything. We are just sharing knowledge and experience.

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